Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rssurrection Updates

For those of you who are following this saga I am updating the section THE SINKING AND RESURRECTION OF AMBASSADOR PERIODICALLY.  click on the link above.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

This Blog has been Commondered

DINNER ON THE BAY was originally established so that I could share my gifts of music and cooking along with the beautiful setting that the Lord has provided for me to live aboard Ambassador. 

While sharing this wonderful experience with a singles group from a Spanish speaking church a young lady in broken English was praising the Lord because she never believed she would ever experience having dinner aboard someone's yacht.  For her it was a life experience.  That's when I realized others might enjoy the experience too.  

Now it is telling the story of the 
and how you while enjoying the same experience of the young Spanish lady (Dinner on the Bay) can be a part of the Resurrection of Ambassador.  Based on the spiritual principal "Give and it Shall Be Given"  I am offering Dinner on the Bay for any donation toward it's complete restoration.  

Keep reading below for details about Dinner on the Bay and click SINKING AND RESSURECTION OF AMBASSADOR to read and see slides and video about my JOB experience! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013


VISUALIZE you and your friends enjoying an intimate evening of  taste, sight and sound with me aboard Ambassador, my 1963 classic all mahogany 37' Egg Harbor Boat...As many of you know I have been living aboard my boat for the past fifteen years. You cannot believe how beautiful and peaceful it is on the water here in Newport Beach Harbor...Well I'd like to share this wonderful  experience with you.

Along with being an entertainer my work experience afforded me the opportunity to be a cook creating some tantalizing dishes for your taste buds. Soooo! I decided to combine all the assets to create; "DINNER ON THE BAY"

Ambassador is intimate and can comfortably accommodated 2-6 people for sit down and up to 10 for finger food and a fun entertainment experience and if you are inclined this could also include a (wedding ceremony as I am an ordained minister.)

Let me describe a typical evening aboard Ambassador.

You will drive to Balboa Island where I will pick you up at the Coral street public dock, on the south bay front, in my 13 foot runabout.  Here is where you leave the hum-drum behind as you are  transported into a another dimension as we make a quick shot across the harbor to Ambassador which is moored just off the north shore of the Newport peninsula.  Offering spectacular views of Newport Coast, Fashion and Balboa Islands.  
Optional; a brief tour of the harbor on the runabout. 

Hors d' oeuvres, and cocktails will be served as your prearranged menu is being prepared. My specialties include Fish, Steak, Chicken or just some good ole' hamburgers.


After dinner is finished you will sit back with your favorite after dinner drink, some tasty desert and enjoy the visual transformation as the Spectacular Sunset gives way to the Enchanting Moon, Stars and City Lights twinkling in the distance as I perform some of your favorite songs by rquest accompanied on acoustic guitar. 

Then when you finally say Uncle, or have to get home for the baby sitter I will transport you back again to your wonderful life here in beautiful Southern California but I'm sure it won't be long before you find some other friends to join you for another spectacular "Dinner on the Bay"

For the real romantics I'm willing to get a room ashore while you enjoy an overnight stay aboard.
I'll provide for a Continental Breakfast and pick you up at your designated time to start your day.

Due to Ambassador recently sinking I am offering it for any reasonable donation toward the resurrection and refreshing of Ambassador.


Call Dave at 714-356-0202 let's get a date on the calendar.
by the way; this is not just a summer time event there is heat on the boat and rescheduling will not be a problem if for some odd reason we have bad weather.
                                Slides of Dinner on the Bay


P.S.. I am available to come to your home for a in home dinner and concert as well.